Feb 24, 2008

PF Chang's Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps(素食莴苣套)

Chicken lettuce wraps - my hubby’s all time favorite Chinese food. He wants to go Pf Chang every weekend for this great appetizer only. To impress him I decided to make these lettuce wraps in home and they were a hit. I adopted the lettuce wrap recipe with little modification of my own taste from here.As i told in my previous post we sacrificed chicken for 2 months ,i am presenting this vegetarian version.For chicken letuce wraps you can replace the tofu with chicken.


Tofu – ½ cup
Mushrooms – ½ cup
Chopped Red onions – 1
Garlic paste – 1tsp
Iceberg lettuce leaves – 4
Brown sugar – 2tsp
Green chili – 2
Water chestnuts – 1cup
Chinese cellophane noodles

(Special sauce)
Sugar– 2tsp
Soy sauce – 1tsp
Rice Vinegar – 2tsp
Ketchup – 2tsp
Lemon juice – 1tsp
Sesame oil – 1tsp
Chili sauce – 2tsp
Water - 2tsp


To make the special sauce dissolves the sugar in the water in a small bowl. Add remaining ingredients and mix well and refrigerate until ready to serve the lettuce wraps.For stir-fry sauce mix the soy sauce, brown sugar, and vinegar together in a small bowl and keep aside.Fry the noodles as directed and keep aside.

Heat 2 tspn of oil and fry the tofu on both sides until crispy and golden color.Remove from pan and place on a paper towel. Cut the mushrooms and water chestnut as small peas. When tofu and is cool cut it as the size of mushrooms and water chestnuts are.

Now heat the oil in the same pan and add tofu,garlic,onions,water chestnuts,green chili and mushrooms. Cook it well.Now add the stir fry sauce and sauté the mixture for a couple minutes.Allow it to cook well.

Then break the fried cellophane noodles into small pieces and spread evenly over a lettuce “cups”.Arrange the mixture over the noodles and top with special sauce.Enjoy with your family...
I am sending these lettuce wraps to Bindiya's These are a few of My favourite things with the theme "Chinese Foods".


Kalai said...

Looks great, Dhivya! Wonderful entry! I love these. :)

Meera said...

Good job, Dhivya! Wonderful entry. I love PF Chang too.

Seena said...

Oh what yum.......................!!

sowmya said...

beautiful recipe... I used to wonder about what could be done with lettuce leaves..now i know....great entry..

Coffee said...

This is my kinda recipe!! Nice one!

Asha said...

Slurp!! My kids love Chinese food, always non-veg of course!!:D
Looks yummy, great entry D!:)

Lavanya Raj said...

thank you dhivya..for introducing vegan chineese food. nice entry.

Jaya said...

oh it is mykind of food ,ilove chinese and PF Changs were quite hit with friends back in US ...except we had to wait to get inside the food joint(long queques on weekend) ,no more now Iguess LOL..
Hugs and smiles

bindiya said...

Most delicious and healthy entry, thanks dear!

Laavanya said...

My husband loves the chicken wrap at PF Changs too.. thanks for this vegetarian version.. hope to try it soon! :)

AnuSriram said...

Lovely recipe... The best part about it is ..... vegetarian!

Vanamala said...

Nice idea ... i like that restaurant., But there is no much choice of vege!!

Uma said...

wow, what a lovely wraps dhivya! love to try them. I am a fan of chinese food too (but only vegetarian recipes). very innovative!

vimmi said...

We also love the chicken wraps there. I am not too fond of their entrees though. The chickn preparations are too dry for my taste to eat it with rice. But love these. And ur veg version looks so great.

Pooja V said...

Looks so great and healthy too. Bookmarked :).

Dhivya said...

Kalai - i love these too:))thank u kalai

Meera - Thank u

Seena - Yah uts very yum

Sowmya - try this and tell how u liked them

Cofee - Thank u

Asha - Glad u like these

Lav - Thank u dear

Jaya - yeah u r truely correct...but v can wait long time for these delicious food:))

Bindiya - thanks for stopping by girl

Dhivya said...

lavanya - would love hear ur feedback lavanya:))

Anu - Thanks for warm words

Vanamala - U can try these mala..surely u will like them

Uma - Try these uma...u will like
Vimmi - Thank u

Pooja - try this pooja...Thanks for ur comments

Archana said...

OOOoooo. I love PF changs. I miss my days in the US. It was my fav hang out places, situated in downtown Boston. Anyways, great pics and will surely try these out to bring my good old days of memoirs back. Yours looks very apetizing.

Seema said...

Wow!!! We love these wraps. They r so crispy on the outside & nice & soft on the inside stuffing. Thanks for the recipe...

sandhya said...

it looks lovely.. will surely try....

Sia said...

bookmarked:) thanks divya:)

Rosie said...

This really looks great, Dhivya!! A must try...

Rosie x

AnuZi said...

whaaaaat!! PF chang wraps. Those are the best!! You are truly a genius to have come up with the recipe. Man I cant wait to try these out. the hubby is going to be one happy man!!

Dhivya said...

Archana - Glad this remember ur memories back..thank u for ur nice words..plz do try

Seema - We too love these..thanks for stopping by

Sandhya - do try sandhya...surely u will like

Sia - Thank u

Rosie - Do try rosie..thanks for ur comment

Anuzi - Thanks for ur kind words anuzi...do try and enjoy with ur husband

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

What nice looking wraps Dhivya. Would like to try these with some chicken! This recipe is a keeper! BTW, thanks for dropping by & am glad you enjoy the Die Hard series too!! Cheers

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. it was great

lisa said...

Hi Divya Ur recipe looks great!!!!
I had a question ...where can i get cellophane noodles?? which store to buy from??

Anonymous said...


The www.recipezaar.com recipe has tbsp as measurement in many cases.

I was wondering if it was typo in recipe, which shows tsp rather than tbsp in all cases or you are really using tsp. I am going to ry making this tomorrow. So please let me know.


Kanna said...

Hi! We made this last night for dinner and it was so delicious. We added fresh ginger, and cooked everything directly with the special sauce (instead of adding it afterwards). It turned out so good... thank you for sharing this recipe! I live in Seattle, WA, USA.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dhivya,

I tried you lettuce wraps recipe, it came out soooo good.
I am still drooling on that taste.
Thank you so much for the recipe.

Take Care

Anonymous said...


Saps said...

I want to say a Million THANKS!!! Your lettuce wrap recipe is definitely a hit!!

I tried today. Though I didnt have all ingredients, like water chestnuts and oyster sauce,

My lettuce wraps came out so well!!!

Anonymous said...

The recipe turned out great and was a big hit with my family! I took some guesswork, though, as the ingredients for the stir-fry sauce are in different areas of the ingredients. Are the soy sauce and rice vinegar for the stir-fry sauce or also for the special sauce?