Feb 21, 2008

Banana Flower Vada(Vazhai Poo Vadai)

Vadas are one of the most popular fast food snacks and they come in exciting varieties.It can be eaten with pongal, served with sambhar or curd, or with payasam. Banana flower vada is a Authentic Tamilnadu delicacy. Here we go with the recipe...


Banana Flower( vazhai poo) - 1 full poo
Chenna dal (Kadalai paruppu )- 1 cup
Finely chopped onion - 2
Green Chilies - 4
Cumin seeds- 1/2 tsp
Fennel seeds – 1tsp
Ginger crushed – 2tsp
Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
Curry leaves - 8 or 10 finely chopped
Coriander leaves(finely chopped) – 3stks


Peel the outer skin from the banana flower. You have to remove the small white stems inside each flower including the skin. Then Cut them into small pieces and immediately place them in the turmeric water otherwise they will become dark. Boil the flowers in water for 10 minutes drain them and keep aside.

Soak the chenna dal in water for about 1-2 hrs. Separate 2tsp of Chenna dal .Now wash and drain the water completely with a paper towel, grind coarsely and mix chopped onion, green chilies, ginger, cumin,fennel seeds,curry leaves, coriander leaves, chenna dal and chopped flowers (drain all water before adding to Dal) with salt.

Mix everything to form thick dough. Make tiny balls of the mix and flatten to make vada shape with your hands. Deep fry them in oil till golden brown .Serve hot with ketch up.


shriya said...

wow! vazhai poo vadai looks very yummy. Its very inviting. Can I take one from the plate. :-)`

Mythreyee said...

Love this vada. Looks fantastic.

easycrafts said...

Removing the stems is a big task...my mil makes it for us. ur vadas look very tempting

Meera said...

Never tasted these vadas though banana flower vegetable/curry is my favorite. Thanks for sharing wonderful recipes. You are doing such a great job.

Kalai said...

I love vazhaipoo! Unfortunately, we don't get it here all the time. Looks great! :)

Cham said...

I love the vazhai poo vada. Came out very nice dhiv :)

Lavanya Raj said...

vadai looks crispier dhivi. even i follow the same recipe.

Sagari said...

flowers look so beautiful divya and vadass yummmmmmmmm

Uma said...

Never heard of these vadas. So innovative. They look so yummy Dhivya!

VINI said...

loved the "vazhai poo" pic. The plate of vadas look so tempting...wish I could just grab one :). Thanks my dear for suggesting pooja's veggie event.

AnuZi said...

ahhh I remember vadas as snacks my mom used to make with the power would go out in India and it would be raining. We'd all sit around in the veranda with hot piping vadas and chai. Thanks for brining back memories dear and sharing this delish recipe!! You...are a true Kitchen rock star!

Rina said...

Dhivya, never tried to make Vazhapoo vada... Tasted once or twice back home. Love them... So many of our bloggers posted on this... I even bought vazhapoo to make this but did make it.. wish I could do this.. Thanx fo rsharing yours looks yummy.

Divya Vikram said...

Hey Dhivya..your vadais look so good..easy recipe..

Laavanya said...

Vazhaipoo vadais look great Dhivya.. my mom makes a different version with urad dhal... both are yummy! :)

Ramki said...

Hi Dhivya,

I've blogged your Vada as a model recipe in the 1001 vada cookbook at


/Thanks for the recipe

Anonymous said...

Hi ,
Where can I get banana flower.Vada looks temting
kalai vani

Dhivya said...

Hi kalai vani....Thanks for ur comment..U can get it in indian stores.......If u hav any questions regarding vada feel free to ask me...
Good luck

sowmya said...

never knew we could make vada with vazhapoo. I used to make usli..will try this..

Dhivya said...

Shiriya - Sure..u can come anytime..Thank u for ur comment

Mythreyee - Thank u

Easycrafts - Yeah its was really a big task..Thanks for stopping by

Meera - U can try them meere..its really delicious..thanks for ur wondeful comment

kalai - u r absolutely correct..i got these from indian store..

Cham - thank u cham:)
Lavanya Raj - Ohh thats great lavi!

Dhivya said...

Sagari - Thank u

Uma -famous tamilian snack uma...try them,,,sure u will like

Vini - sure vini..u can come and grab anytime

Anuzi - Happy to know that these vads bringing back ur memories back..thanks for ur wonderful comment

Rina - Try this reena...surely u will like

Divya and lavanya - thank u girls

Ramki - Thanks for adding my recipes in ur blog

sowmya - Thanks for dropping by