Dec 27, 2007

Kuli Panayaram(Jhatpat Appey)

Some times we got bored with Dosa and Idly.Here is the simple and easy tiffin using same dosa batter.My mom used to cook this for our tiffin and breakfast.We can eat with coconut chutney or as it is.A special vessel called panayara chatti is used to make this wonderfull dish. You can get that vessel here .


Dosa/Idly Batter - 4 cups

Finelly chopped onion - 1 medium onion

Finelly chopped green chiilies - 5

Egg - 2 (for softness)

Mustard seeds - 2tsp

Urad dhal - 4 tsp
Chenna dhal(Kadalapariappu) - 4tsp

Cumin seeds - 2tsp

Finelly chopped Curry Leaves- 1 1/2tbsp

Finelly chopped Corinder Leaves -5 tsp


Mix eggs with dosa/idly batter and keep aside.Heat oil in kadai ,add mustard seeds and allow it to carckel.Then add urad dhal,curry leaves ,cumin seeds,chenna dhal,green chillies and saute them for 2 mins.Now add onion and cook it for 5 mins.Finally add corinder leaves. Add this sautéed mixture to the batter and mix well. Add salt for your taste.Heat the Kuli Paniyaram Chatti and add little oil in each hole and pour batter in each hole.Cook them on both the sides untill brown color.Serve it with coconut chutney and sambar.

This post is my entry to mansi's colorful Game night event


Cakespy said...

This looks delicious! What a wonderful blog!

Mansi Desai said...

Hi Dhivya, welcome to the food blog world!

these mini idlies look lovely:) maybe you can send these to my game night event; that way you can meet other bloggers too:)

details here:

SpicyTasty said...

This is the first time I am visiting your blog . you have a very nice blog. I love the font and theme of yours.Welcome to the foodie blog world!
Kuli panayaram Looks great. :-)

Dhivya said...

Hi cakespy and spicytasty Thanks for visiting my blog...

Dhivya said...

Hi mansi will surely participate ur event and thanks for visiting

Archana Pritish said...

hi, Dhivya..
welcome to the bloging world.. Nice blog.. !!
Nice appam !!

Laavanya said...

These look perfect and golden brown... You have a great blog Dhivya... love the bright pics. Thanks for dropping by.

Laavanya said...

These look perfect and golden brown... You have a great blog Dhivya... love the bright pics. Thanks for dropping by.

DK said...

hey Dhivya! Nice to meet another blogger with the same name :-) Welcome to the addictive and most knowledge sharing world of Food Blogging. You seem to have started out with a bang. Great going!

Thanks for your wonderful comments.Good that u dropped by! since now i know urs.will keep checking out ur site for updates! :)

Mythreyee said...

Welcome to the food blog world. Participate in all the events and we would love to see your entries.

happy blogging.


Meera said...

You have a wonderful blog. Keep blogging. These appam look delicious. I make similar but do not use eggs. Thanks for sharing.

TBC said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I came here through the comment you left there.

Dhivya said...

Hi archana,lavanya,tbc,dk,archana and mythreyee thanks for ur encouraging comments and wishes...

Hi meera
Very happy tat u hav left comments to all my recipies..its really encouraging

Shyam said...

hi Dhivya

Thanks for visiting my blog. I wanted to ask you why you added egg to the dosa batter for making kuzhi paniyaram... does it make a difference in texture or taste, or require less oil to cook it?

Dhivya said...

Hi shyam..Egg gives more softness to kuzhi's optional mom used to add egg.. Thanks for dropping by

Dhivya said...


~Erina Juliana~ said...

hello there.

i wanna ask you. where can i buy the mould for bake this kuli panayaram???? Thanks

Erina Juliana,
Kuala Lumpur